Protect your data from insider threats and cyberattacks

80% of Varonis customers have detected critical security issues with DatAlert: including ransomware, hijacked accounts, and insider threats.

We help thousands of customers prevent data breaches.


Introducing the Varonis Data Security Platform

Varonis is a data security platform that protects your file and email servers from cyberattacks and insider threats. We analyze the behavior of the people and machines that access your data, alert on misbehavior, and enforce a least privilege model.

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Protect your data wherever it lives.

 Enterprise data is your biggest, most vulnerable asset, and it’s spread all over the place.
Varonis gives you visibility on-premises and in the cloud.


Why Varonis?

Most major data breaches involve a threat that was already inside. What is usually leaked or stolen? Enterprise data. Documents, spreadsheets, images, videos–what you have the most of and know the least about. Varonis is uniquely positioned to help you prevent cyberattacks on your biggest, most important data.

  • Monitor every file and email touch. Know when sensitive files and emails are opened, moved, modified, or deleted.
  • Detect security gaps and insider threats. Analyze behavior across multiple platforms and trigger alerts on suspicious activity and potential data breaches.
  • Enforce a least privilege model. Get full visibility on domain and local admins and identify accounts with unnecessary privileges.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance. Automate reports, map permissions, and manage audit trails to meet data requirements for SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, GLB, FERC/NERC, and more.

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“Varonis works across the whole organization. It works with our infrastructure, our Active Directory, it works on all the hardware and software we have. It’s allowed us to see what goes on – and see what’s out there. We were able to detect and disable a ransomware infection within 10 minutes of an attack.”

– Wade Sendall, Vice President of IT, Boston Globe

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