Automation Engine

Least Privilege on Autopilot

Automatically repair and maintain file systems so that you’re less vulnerable to attacks, more compliant, and consistently meeting a least privilege model.

Proactive Security Defense

The Automation Engine discovers undetected security gaps and automatically repairs them: fixing hidden security vulnerabilities like inconsistent ACLs and global access to sensitive data – the same vulnerabilities that are commonly exploited by hackers.

Automatically remediate global access group permissions, reduce overexposure of sensitive data, and establish and maintain a least privilege model.


Reduce your risk profile

The Automation Engine makes it easy to revoke unnecessary access that users no longer need or use, keeping your data safe. Automatically fix inconsistent ACLs on folders, a hierarchy, or even an entire server – and eliminate inconsistent file permissions.

Safely remove global access groups by replacing them with single purpose groups, putting the right users in every time. With flexible configuration options, you can fix tactical issues on a folder-by-folder basis or perform complete global remediation.

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Detect and prevent security threats automatically.

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“Prior to implementing a least privilege model with Varonis, 40% of our files were overexposed when they didn’t need to be. This kind of exposure isn’t a problem until a security breach occurs. Should there be a breach, we’re now able to quickly identify and target problem areas.

– Denise Evans | Vice President of Information Technology, Miramax

Accelerate and Automate Least Privilege

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