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“Traditional perimeter security strategy was inadequate for the threats we currently face today…I wanted a data security platform to look at all the various types of data the city has, who is accessing it and the practices we have for processing it.  Varonis is that platform for us”

— Gary Hayslip, CISO 

“A strong, secure network requires a data strategy that aggregates data security into a single platform and combines classification, analytics, and reporting into one place.

Changing strategies from a product to a platform will transform data security for companies. In fact, data security decision-makers expect to improve their ability to respond to breaches, reduce costs of legacy solutions, reduce exposure from a breach, and lower complexity.”


Over 90% of data security professionals continue to experience challenges with data security – including keeping up with cyberthreats, dealing with disparate products that don’t communicate, managing access to sensitive data, and securing data effectively.

90% of decision-makers responsible for data security are interested in combining disparate data security products into a unified platform. A unified data security platform has an opportunity to do for data security what next-generation firewalls have done for network security.

Ninety-six percent of companies believe that changing strategies from many products to a single platform for data would benefit them, and expect to experience benefits as a result of aggregating data security products into a centralized solution.

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