Data Transport Engine

Painless archiving, disposition, and migration

Create rules to automatically migrate, archive, or delete files based on contents, size, age, access, activity, and more.

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Collect. Migrate. Quarantine. Archive.

Data Transport Engine makes it easy to migrate data cross-domain or cross-platform, all while keeping permissions intact and even making them better.

Quarantine sensitive and regulated content, discover data to collect for legal hold, identify data to archive and delete, and optimize your existing platforms.

Migrate, archive, and delete data without the hassle of downtime, permissions issues, or cross-platform challenges.

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Move data on your time

Data Transport Engine lets you define when and how often migration, archiving, and data deletion tasks should take place.  DTE can migrate files incrementally while users continue to access them.

Perform big cross-platform and cross-domain migrations or schedule recurring migrations based on custom rules.

Reduce Risk and Manual Effort

No Downtime

Automatically synchronize source and destination data with incremental copying – even if the source data is still being used.

Flexible Scheduling

Set a schedule to copy data (and metadata) while adhering to maintenance windows and time constraints.

Archive by Activity

Detect when data becomes stale and automatically archive or move it to lower tier storage.

No Guesswork

Simulate your migrations before you execute.  View the outcome of migration rules in a sandbox to make your migration flawless.

Powerful Rules

Configure rules to match your data retention policies or legal hold criteria.  Automatically detect files that fit the criteria for deletion.

Reduce Risk, Save Time

Avoid manually translating, verifying, and repairing permissions during and after migrations.

Say goodbye to weekend shifts and all-nighters

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