Secure enterprise search

Get the most out of your data with relevant search results, delivering the right data to the right people.

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Enterprise search you’ll actually use

DatAnswers understands the relationships between employees and content, building search results with more than just keyword matching.

It’s an intelligent search engine that understands concept and context: DatAnswers uses metadata and contextual signals to produce better search results.

DatAnswers delivers relevant search results to the right people, making your business more productive and limiting the risk of exposing sensitive information.

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Choose what to exclude

By leveraging the Data Classification Engine, you can exclude files from search results based on content sensitivity – keeping data like credit card numbers, patient records, or payroll information secure.

Find what you’re looking for (and nothing else)

Meg from engineering shouldn’t get the same results as Joe from accounting when they both search for “Team Project Plan”. DatAnswers uses DatAdvantage recommendations to automatically prune search results, predicts relevant data and prioritizes results based on access activity and user behavior. You can choose to filter out files that a user shouldn’t have access to, even if they have permissions to access those files.

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It’s risk free.

Varonis DatAnswers provides organizations the ability to enable employees to identify and access the files they need at the right time, both safely and cost-effectively.

-Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group

Discover the value of your data

Index Efficiently

Get fast and efficient results using incremental scanning and granular scoping.

Collect Intelligently

Get results that matter: DatAnswers uses metadata and access activity to return relevant results every time.

Learn from Metadata

Understand the relationships between people and data, and profile access activity and behavior.

Secure Sensitive Content

Leverage DatAdvantage recommendations and classification rules to filter search results and exclude sensitive and regulated data.


Get more relevant results for rapid early case assessment (ECA), manage the scope of discovery and narrow the volume of data with targeted collection.


Integrate DatAnswers with other search engines and technologies to display results natively, giving you more flexibility while making your data more accessible.

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