Data access governance that works

Ensure compliance by giving business users the power to review and manage access controls without IT assistance.

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“My boss said I need access.”

How many hours do you spend each week chasing down approvers and closing access request tickets? Managing permissions has traditionally been the responsibility of IT. But IT should be focused on technology, not determining rightful access to critical business information without any context.

DataPrivilege saves time, reduces IT burden, and helps you make measurably better access control decisions.

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Save countless hours on access requests

Authorization workflows let users request access to folders, groups, distribution lists, and SharePoint sites, folders, and lists through an easy-to-use web form. Each request is routed to the proper stakeholders based on the workflows you setup.

Assign an expiration date on an authorization to ensure access is revoked automatically. Better still, automate permissions grants and revocations based on user attributes and enforce ethical walls at the same time.

Submit a permissions request via web form
Approve requests via email

Approve from your inbox

Handling access requests is as simple as replying to an email. Users don’t have to open a special app or leave their inbox to approve or deny a request.

Once approved, access is granted automatically by DataPrivilege without any involvement from IT.

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The average DataPrivilege customer sees ROI in just 1 month.

Today users can request access to a group, and the data owners are automatically involved in the decision to either grant or revoke access without IT intervention. This not only speeds the process up, but also frees up IT to perform other tasks.

— Serena Lee, Senior Security Analyst, AXA Wealth

Automated entitlement reviews

DataPrivilege ensures that access to groups, distribution lists and business data is consistently reviewed by the right people, which auditors love. Entitlement reviews are delivered directly to data owners which lets them see who currently has access to their data and make changes without any involvement from IT. Our machine learning algorithms flag users that probably shouldn’t have access anymore, making reviews quick and easy.

Self-Service IAM

Data owners can, at any time, review access to their data, make permissions changes, monitor data usage, export permissions reports, and get statistics and recommendations for their data sets — all without IT’s help.

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The average DataPrivilege customer sees ROI in just 1 month.

Your auditors will thank you

Prove compliance

All actions are audited. Authorizations, entitlement reviews and other management reports provide evidence of process adherence and help satisfy compliance requirements.

Ethical walls

Automatically prevent new requests from being approved that would violate your business rules, detect and notify you of any existing rule violations, and correct them.

Highly actionable

Entitlement reviews include highly accurate recommendations derived from machine learning algorithms.

Multiple authorizers

Data owners and authorizers can respond to permissions requests directly via email, in multiple languages, or within the DataPrivilege web application.

Reduce the burden on IT

The result is nearly immediate return on investment. Cost savings are further augmented by gains in the speed and efficiency with which data access requests are fulfilled.

Local account management

DataPrivilege allows you to set administrative access through local groups: delegate privileges with automated expiration of access.

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