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Extend Your Data Security to the Edge

Spot signs of attack at the perimeter with telemetry from VPN, DNS, and Web Security Gateways

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Extend your data security to the edge with enhanced security intelligence and additional threat markers, so that you can alert on external attacks, catch malware in its tracks, and defend your data better from insider threats.

Varonis Edge analyzes perimeter devices including DNS and VPN to detect attacks like malware, APT intrusion, and exfiltration – and puts them in context with activity and alerts on your core data stores. Detect perimeter attacks including domain hijacking, account hijacking – even stolen credentials on a VPN.

Broaden Your Scope of Security

We apply geolocation and threat intelligence to your security telemetry so that you can detect malware, targeted attacks, and more – before it’s too late.

Correlate events and alerts for context so you can monitor the perimeter to track potential data leaks and spot vulnerabilities at the point of entry. You can apply perimeter context to internal alerts and vice versa – so that you get unprecedented visibility into your data.

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Track Activity from the Core to the Edge


Varonis Edge detects primary intrusion vectors of malware: email, web, and brute force attacks.

See when users log in remotely and track unexpected VPN login activity like stale account logins. Detect DNS cache poisoning, domain hijacking, and cache snooping and automatically track activities like credential stuffing and lockout behaviors. Flag unexpected activity coming from a suspicious location or blacklisted resource, spot phishing activity, and stop brute force attacks in their tracks.

Spot signs of attack at the perimeter with telemetry from VPN, DNS, and Web Proxies

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“Varonis is a one-stop shop: auditability and accountability of your file systems, and the ability to stop and assess risks. We can act very quickly on threats, before they have a chance to actually affect our system

-– Ian Aldridge | IT infrastructure Manager, Semperian PPP Investment Partners

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