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Automatically discover and classify GDPR affected data

GDPR Patterns goes beyond Regular Expressions (RegExes) and includes keywords, proximity, negative keywords, and exclusive validation algorithms – so that you can automatically identify GDPR data.

With over 250 exclusive patterns that identify and classify GDPR eligible data for all 28 EU countries, GDPR Patterns helps you discover, manage, and protect GDPR data.

Data Protection by Design and by Default

Identifying GDPR data is the first step in preparing for the upcoming EU GDPR.  With Varonis, you can automatically identify both country-specific and general patterns: country-specific patterns include National Identification Numbers, Vehicle ID information, Telephone numbers, Banking data, and more.  Generic patterns include credit card numbers, IP addresses, even blood type.

Once identified, you can generate reports on GDPR applicable data: including permissions, open access, and stale data. These patterns and classifications will help you meet GDPR head-on, building out security policy to monitor and alert on GDPR affected data.

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“The Varonis Data Security Platform gives visibility into our unstructured data locations, who has access and how it is being used. Using this with appropriate policies will allow us to gain full oversight for GDPR.”

– – Chief Information Security Officer, Non Profit

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