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Stress-free deployment, remediation, and training

Our team has proven expertise in deploying Varonis solutions, as well as in design, planning, training, and project management.

How does it work?

We provide paid services to meet your specific needs, typically purchased by the day. An 8-hour day may include one or more of the services below.

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Risk Assessments

Get an in-depth risk assessment of your unstructured data platforms and directory services. We’ll quickly identify areas of potential exposure and help remediate them.

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Classroom Training

The Professional Services Education team offers weekly online classroom classes, designed to give your team in-depth knowledge of Varonis products. Classes range from the basic overview to more advanced administration. Courses offerings range to fit a wide variety of needs from IT Administrators to the audit team.


We offer several courses covering both an overview and in-depth usage of the DatAdvantage for a variety of users.

Data Classification Engine :

This course is designed to give you the knowledge to leverage Varonis’ predefined rules, how to create your own, and how to interpret the results and the best practices once you find the data.

Directory Services:

This course is designed to give help you use the tools, the Directory Services license provides, to help you monitor, audit and make account changes to your Active Directory.


These courses are designed to give users a deeper understanding of DatAdvantage reports.  This includes reviewing the reports Varonis offers, how to get the most out the reports for your environment and your needs.


These courses will guide you through the configuration and setup of rules including how to add PowerShell scripts.  They will also provide you the knowledge on how to perform forensics on alerted events.

All Available Courses:

To see our latest offerings you can visit https://ps.varonis.com/course/ or by downloading our course offering catalog

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Project Management

Your dedicated project manager is responsible for seeing through your deployment from start to finish. We’ll manage the timeline and keep you updated on your project’s status and key deliverables.

Product Installation

Our team will deploy and tune the Varonis suite to your environment with minimal impact to business units. This includes configuration, testing, and regular health checks and tuning.


Our engineers will use the Varonis suite to identify and fix critical access control issues in your environment, based on our best practices. Custom remediation packages are available upon request.

Design & Planning

We’ll provide best practices and practical tips around the care and feeding of Varonis infrastructure, including backups, disaster recovery, and planning for growth.

Product Migrations

We’ll migrate an existing installation of Varonis to another server or location. This usually includes an upgrade to the most recent versions of our software.


We can customize the look-and-feel of Varonis web and email based products to match your company’s brand.